For a loong time, I had struggled with keeping my mind focused and clear. In fact, I  would honestly say that I had lost grip of my own mind to the point  that I would go on  trips of overwhelming disorganized thoughts which would leave me mentally exhausted. What this did was that it prevented […]



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What I’ve learned from the time I was angry with God

I had been angry with God for a long time without even realizing it!  How did I find out? I went to church ( I don’t know why all these things happen in church) and I was listening to this lady give a very interesting testimony. Strangely, out of nowhere I felt this overwhelming bitterness […]

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The way to Self-Awareness

I made a prayer to God 2 years ago to help me become my true self and to uproot the things I thought were me but weren’t. That short simple prayer seriously shook my life especially last year. This is because everything I thought I knew about myself was being questioned from what I believed, […]

Source: The way to Self-Awareness

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Self control: it’s purpose and how have it

Hey guys,

So I always thought self control was this annoying restrictive thing that you must do to achieve your goals but over time I realized that that was not the case

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